Design #05

Posts — Posts are the vertical columns that attach your railing to the deck, porch or steps below.
Post Caps – If utilized, post caps are the finishing feature at the top of each post.

Rails — Rails are the horizontal components lining the top and bottom of a railing section. The top piece, where you would put your hand for guidance, is called a handrail.

Infill – The infill refers to the space between your top and bottom rails. A variety of materials can be used in the infill, such as wood, composite, iron, or glass.

Baluster/Pickets/Spindles — Balusters (sometimes called spindles or pickets) are the decorative components used in the infill to support the top rail. If the railings do not contain a bottom rail the balusters may run directly into the flooring.


2×1” top handrail

1”1/2” flat bar

1”1/2”x 1” 1/2” posts

Hand maid Y shape pickets




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